My Travel Story

I start active in travel when I was in University back at 2003. Due to financial concern, I usually will plan my trip in advance . I not a backpacker person as I not good in direction. That mean no sense of direction and bad in Map. hehe .Mostly I will travel with my best friends or my family. Now my companion is my boyfriend and he will travel together with me. He started to travel with me in 2012 when we become couple.

I come from a conservative family as my parent are overprotective and not allow us to travel far from home. Once I decide to further my study in West Malaysia, my mum has a hard feeling as she only can see me once or twice in a year during my semester break. Only god will know how hard or difficult I been facing when I come to a place that I not familiar with it. I do feel homesick especially during festival season as I not manage to go flight back as I need to attend class. So I started to join my college mate and house mate to travel. I get addicted to travel very soon and I started to save money whenever I planned for next trip. Below are some pictures regarding my travel journey. Starting from local trip in Malaysia and then exploring Asian country. The world is so beautiful and I want to picture it down all the beautiful things.

2009  (Malacca Trip)

2009 ( Ipoh & Bidor)

2011 (Bangkok)

2012 (Singapore)

2013 (Phuket)

2013 (Bukit Tinggi)

May 2015 (Macau)

September 2015 (Hong Kong & Macau)

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