About Me

I am a person with a big heart and love to chase my dream. Whenever you see me, you will remember me as I have a big pair of eye and always keep my hair short. Beloved888 born in 2013 but I decide to be active blogger in 2014. I blog about lifestyle whereby I cover about food, event, beauty products, travel and also health.

My life full of interesting thing and I love everyone of you that like to read or drop by blog.  Life is so short, so enjoy and appreciate your life.

Betty Liew is my name and I am Kuching girl. Travel and live in Petaling Jaya more than 14 years.

Photo Shooting for Bausch & Lomb Malaysia in 2015

Small actress for 888 Koptiam, Viral Factor (2012) - see you able catch me in the movie. Haha

Viral Factor Movie

88 Kopitiam

Currently in relationship for almost 4 years. He always support whatever I do in my life. So loving couple :P

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