February 28, 2018

World Miss University Peace Service Corps Foundation has appointed Smalltree Sdn Bhd as the organiser for the 29th World Miss University Malaysia & International at an official signing ceremony held today at Le Meridien, Putrajaya.

The event saw the MoU signing between Dr Dzulfakar Abdullah, Chairman of Smalltree Sdn Bhd and Seungmin Lee, Chairman of World Miss University Peace Service Corps Foundation. Smalltree held its official announcement to be the organizer for this year’s edition of one of the world’s most cultivated and prestigious varsity pageants – World Miss University 2018.

Dr Dzulfakar Abdullah, Chairman of Smalltree and also newly appointed as Chairman of World Miss University Organizing Committee said, “We are very proud to be awarded as the exclusive organizer from the World Miss University Peace Service Corps Foundation to run and organize the 29th edition of World Miss University event in Malaysia. World Miss University Pageant isn’t just another pageant – this is a varsity pageant that aims to spread the message of peace and love all over the world and it is an opportunity for humankind to reflect upon world peace and to promote global unity. It is truly an honor to be associated with such an internationally recognized organization.”

Seungmin Lee, Chairman of World Miss University Peace Service Corps Foundation said, “We are thrilled for the partnership as we are co-organizing for the first time. This event is a global peace festival held annually by female university students from world renowned universities that combine intelligence, virtue, and fitness. The goal of the event is to harmonize different religions, ideologies, languages, skin colors, cultures, and many more. Through this partnership, we hope to bring more attention and inspire a wider audience of diversified, powerful and inspiring women to participate in this pageant.”

Also present at the launch were Park Keum Rye, Chairman for World Miss University Korea, Du-Ik Bak, Advisor for World Miss University Malaysia, Hussaidi Hussin, Managing Director, for Smalltree Sdn Bhd and Claudia Moras Baez, the Winner for 28th World Miss University.

Malaysia’s local search will commence in May onwards and this will be Malaysia’s first World Miss University local search. The local final will be held tentatively on 26th July 2018. This event provides a perfect platform for local organizations who believe in empowering women as the event recognizes and showcases the many talented, intelligent and beautiful Malaysian students who aspire to gain invaluable experiences on the world stage.

During the 29th World Miss University International Final, an estimation of more than 100 university students from universities all over the world will be coming to Malaysia to compete not only in terms of their physical beauty but more importantly are their intellectual skills, attractive personalities and their high-level value on humanities. The winner from this competition, will receive recognition and become the Ambassador for World Miss University Peace Corps to represent the organization in activities that create unity and understanding among global communities, also as peace delegates in spreading peace and harmony message globally.

The 29th World Miss University International Final tentatively will take place in Malaysia on 28th
November 2018 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

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