The Best Shopping Experience With Potboy Groceries And At The Same Time Earned Potboy Gold By Recycle Your Items

June 16, 2017

No time to shop for your groceries? Do you need any assistance to help you run an errand? Introduce to you Potboy Groceries, Malaysia's number one homegrown online grocery shopping whereby they take care customers household needs by providing groceries and household essentials with FREE Delivery. Sound great, right? Find out more in my post. 

Start shopping for your groceries online with Potboy Groceries at You even can shop using your smartphones. Simple step as you need to download Potboy app on your smartphones. 

IOS App Store:
Android Play Store:

Potboy Groceries offer Free Delivery with no minimum order. I love how Potboy values each of their customers.  Just check your postcode and see whether Potboy Groceries cover your area. You may click on this link: .

Why I choose to shop with Potboy Groceries?

I have done my shopping with Potboy Groceries whereby I just place order for two items: cans drink and 1 can food. Potboy really hit the points of free delivery with No Minimum Order. While for the delivery part, Potboy staff practice by giving a call to customer one day before delivery. Delivery lead time is 3-5 days.

I can use my Potboy Gold to Cut Prices from my groceries bill. The moment you purchase RM50 and above, Potboy Groceries will grant you with 1 Potboy Diamond whereby you can convert it into Potboy Gold.

Potboy is the only online platform that collects your recycle items and reward customers with Potboy Gold in return. How does it work? These are the recycle items collect by Potboy. During the delivery of your groceries, you can pass the recycle items to the Potboy staff.

The Potboy staff will credit Potboy Gold into your account once they have processed your recycle items. Easy right? Don't throw your recycle items and lets us save our Mother Earth together. With the Potboy Gold that you earn, you can use it to reduce prices on your grocery list.

Excited to know more regarding Potboy Groceries? Are you ready for Potboy Treasure box whereby you can win mores prizes? How to join the fun game? Watch below video to find out more.

Now you know why I choose to shop with Potboy Groceries. Sign up now with Potboy Groceries at and you will be rewarded with 100 potboy gold after you have signed up.

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