The Smartest Choice to Shop with Carousell for Muslimah Fashion

March 02, 2017

Muslimah Fashion has booming in Malaysia Fashion Industry and I am impress with their fashion sense. You even can look good, trendy and at the same time bring out your feminine character in a simple Baju Kurung. But the question where can we shop for affordable Baju Kurung?

Have you ever explore Carousell, one of the best shopping platform that offer modern Baju Kurung? Carousell is a mobile classifieds app that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Carousell launched in May 2012 and has spread to 13 cities around the world. Carousell is one of my favourite online shopping platform and Carousell is the cheapest place to shop for modern Baju Kurung in Malaysia. Believe me as you will love to shop online with Carousell and you get to choose your own seller.

The best part, Carousell selling attractive Muslimah fashion and I love sharing it with my Muslim and non-Muslim friends. For your information, Carousell offers affordable, trendy and good quality of BajuKurung

Muslimah fashion has been more styling and unique fashions for years — experimenting with colors, patterns, and fabrics in incredibly creative ways. And Carousell has more that 1000 collections of modern Baju Kurung. Shopping online with Carousell is must more convenient as you can directly dealing with the seller. No extra charger from Carousell and you pay according to the amount that stated in the page. While for shipping, customer can arrange with seller whether she prefer postage or COD (cash on delivery).

Curupira shop ( has offered nice fashion sense and she understand well Muslim women niche in fashion. You even can follow her on Carousell account for more promotion.

Looking for trendy Muslimah fashion with a budget less than RM100, you may want to take a look at Norbayah collection ( Her collections is attractive and she do provide the clothes measurement.

Carousell is available on App Store or Google Play store. Get the app now and enjoy the huge saving with Carousell. 

For more information regarding Carousell, feel free to browse their website at  . Do check out my Carousell Listing ( too as I offer you with affordable and genuine beauty/skincare products. 

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