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Thermomix, a multifunctional kitchen appliance, that has delighted millions of homes around the world for over half a century, is now officially in Malaysia. Consumers can experience Thermomix by simply booking a cooking demonstration via its website or hotline.

With its innovative Recipe Chips, touchscreen and unique Guided Cooking function, the Thermomix makes food preparation and cooking even easier. Everyone can cook with their fingertips. It’s latest model, the Thermomix TM5, continue to redefine cooking by going digital.

“Thermomix is revolutionalising cooking in the kitchen with technology” said JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malaysia. “The introduction of the innovative Recipe Chip which stores hundreds of recipes; full colour touchscreen controls; and the Guided Cooking function, represents the future of cooking. With the cooking process made simpler, Thermomix will enable all families to cook effortlessly. “Today, we are also very pleased to show everyone how 6 tra…

WATER360 by Watsons Launch New Look Collaborating with Malaysia's Top Singing Duo!

Watsons, Asia’s Leading Health and Beauty Retailer launched their most successful skincare with new look. Water360⁰ by Watsons took the center stage alongside with Top duo singer, Fuying & Sam. Fuying & Sam recently release their latest song in collaborate with the brand.

The new look of Water360⁰ by Watsons is helmed by its three sources of mineral water, six types of mineral and zero mineral oil to complete the upgraded range. Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia mentions, “We are proud to present our customers with innovative products, giving them the best options available through varied research and advancement made towards skincare solution. Water360⁰ by Watsons is one of our most successful house brands around Asia and we are confident that it will continue to be the favourite choice for many Malaysians. To date, Water360⁰ by Watsons range has been sold more than 8.2 million pieces alone in 2016 in Asia.

During the launched, Fuying & Sam …

Leading Korean Skincare Range – Ginkgo Natural – Graces the Shores of Southeast Asia through 11street

Due to erratic weather in Malaysia, our skin tend to breakout easily and dry. Korean-made Ginkgo Natural promises to nourish the skin to keep it feeling fresh and lively. The Ginkgo Natural range is one of many prestigious products, backed up by research and certified patents. This drive for quality is one of the reasons for their establishment in over 20 countries such as China, Japan, USA and now Malaysia.

Ginkgo Natural is the best-selling all-natural range curated under the multi-billion dollar Korean cosmetic giant, Charmzone. This popular skincare brand is now brought to Malaysia’s shore by its sole distributor, CJ IMC - Korea’s leading cosmetic distributor and premium merchandiser. 11street, one of the largest e-malls in Malaysia, is proud to be the first in Southeast Asia to feature exclusively the range of Ginkgo Natural products to cater to the Malaysian market.

“Charmzone is very established in Korea, so it gives us great pleasure to partner 11street to feature our Charmzo…

The Perfect Hair Trimmer With Veet Sensitive Touch

I am a person that cannot stand when seeing hirsute women. It does not seem sexy to me when seeing messy and bushy eyebrow, right? But can you stand the pain when it comes to waxing eyebrows and upper lips, lasering off armpit hair and feeling compelled to shave every day — sometimes twice within 24 hours — to help mute the dark follicular stippling that insists on creeping across their legs like a bad rash mere moments after being chastised with a Venus? My answer is “NO” as I can’t bare the pain.

Thanks to Veet Sensitive Touch, I’m in love with the smooth and silky touch of my skin. Veet’s innovative gadget promises no fear of cuts and make hair trimming a breeze. Veet Sensitive Touch has make my life so easy and it comes with various detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts, such as eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines.

Eyebrow is the most important feature on our face and it is worth to go extra miles to shape our eyebrow. Veet Sensiti…

A New Force In South East Asia's Online Shopping Brand " Meiishop" Will Be Launching Soon

Meii Global is proud to announce the arrival of Meiishop in Malaysia. Thank you to Meii Global for extending the invitation to me. Meiishop is a brand new online shopping platform that will provide a new experience to the shopper. The soft launch of Meiishop is held at Aloft Hotel, graced by the attendance of honourable guests and artists such as Jyin Poh, Danny Wan, Jane Ng, Vinx Lim, Jovi Theng, Winnie Ho, Beauty Teoh and etc.

Meiishop is a unique and complete online shopping platform and the website expect to be launched online in this coming May 2017. Integrating the latest frameworks of M2C, BSC and O2O, Meiishop aimed to provide the most seamless and pleasurable online shopping experience to its users. Mr. Julian Seow, founder and CEO of Meii Global Berhad announced that Meiishop is fully equipped with multiple payment methods so that users are able to make payments with ease through various electronics channels or cash on delivery.

Meii Global also collaborate with imported br…