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Kick-Start My Morning With Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk, Malaysia

Wake up early in the morning, the first thing come into my mind is breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal and I will ensure I did not skip my breakfast.

"Breakfast  like a king, lunch like a prince  and dine like pauper"
How many of you follow this phrase? We shouldn't let breakfast fall low in our priorities list. Taking just a few minutes to prepare a breakfast can really make a difference to your day.

Taking breakfast is advantages to us as it recharge our body and mind with energy and get you ready for the day.Improved concentration and performance in work/ classroom.Lower cholesterol levelMore strength and endurance to engage in physical activity. That is the reason I never skip my breakfast and I enjoying taking breakfast every morning. The Sarapan Dutch Lady 7 days challenge is a good campaign to create awareness and I so excited to kick start it. Thanks to Dutch Lady, I get to enjoy my favorite milk while enjoying my breakfast. Start your daily life with …

One-Step Cleansing Solution by Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil To Foam, Malaysia

Many of us overlook the important of makeup removal in our beauty regimen. Due to busy routine life, we forget to give more love to our skin. Come on girls!!! A proper cleansing is very important and don't wear your make up overnight. You don't want your skin aging 20 years, right? Introduce to you my favorite make up remover that work as cleanser too,  new Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Oil to Foam, an-in -one smart cleanser that removes make-up and cleanses skin in just wash.

This convenient 2-in 1 formula gives me a smart start on cleansing, removing daily makeup, dirt and oil. Really simple step , saving time, effort and money without compromising on healthy and radiant skin! This innovative formula's oil-like texture glides easily over the skin to melt away my makeup.

Just add water and it will transforms into a luxurious lather that thoroughly lifts away dirt, oil and impurities in one wash. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam is the perfect everyday essential cl…

Create Your Perfect Coffee With Pure Caffe Tea, Malaysia

Coffee culture is an expanding landscape of imported coffee beans, barista machines, and silky smooth pours of coffee. Coffee has become a norm in Malaysia as majority of our Malaysian loves to drink coffee. Good news for coffee lover as you get to taste the best coffee from Italy. Introduce Pure Caffe Tea that come into Malaysia market recently.
How Much does a premium coffee will cost you? Find it out more as I will review below the post. You will surprise or even shock when you saw the price. Pure Caffe Tea is energetic, fun, vibrant and full of life. Their principal idea is "Giving everyone the coffee they desire while respecting the environment and those inhabit in". Pure Caffe Tea will ensure they deliver the best quality of coffee bean and their customer able to enjoy the premium coffee.

One premium cup of coffee will only cost your RM 1.18 per cup. Introduce Italy coffee bean and each bean represent their uniqueness. It also come in capsule packaging.
1) Arabica 100

Your Dream Your Honor 8 - Available at Lazada Malaysia

Smartphone has become one part of our life and is like a family to us. Do you agree with my statement? 2016 is now in full swing, and you can see a flood of flagship smartphones hit the shelves. If you're getting ready to upgrade your phone, now is probably the time to do it. When Honor hits the market, everyone were so excited and crazy about it. I so desperate to invest into Honor phone when Honor 8 been announce in the market. The brand totally redefined with new and exclusive design. 

If you ask me whether is worth to invest for Honor 8? I will definitely raise both my hand and say a big "YES" to you. Share with you 8 reasons why you should get/ own Huawei Honor 8.

Be a Superstar with 12 MP Dual Camera
Will I become Malaysia Next Top Model soon?  (*** daydreaming now) The 12 MP dual camera is the powerful as it captures more light to produce stunning color pictures with crisper details. It gives you the satisfaction in taking photograph as Honor 8' s built-in ISP…