Your Dream Your Honor 8 - Available at Lazada Malaysia

September 25, 2016

Smartphone has become one part of our life and is like a family to us. Do you agree with my statement? 2016 is now in full swing, and you can see a flood of flagship smartphones hit the shelves. If you're getting ready to upgrade your phone, now is probably the time to do it. When Honor hits the market, everyone were so excited and crazy about it. I so desperate to invest into Honor phone when Honor 8 been announce in the market. The brand totally redefined with new and exclusive design. 

If you ask me whether is worth to invest for Honor 8? I will definitely raise both my hand and say a big "YES" to you. Share with you 8 reasons why you should get/ own Huawei Honor 8.

Be a Superstar with 12 MP Dual Camera

Will I become Malaysia Next Top Model soon?  (*** daydreaming now) The 12 MP dual camera is the powerful as it captures more light to produce stunning color pictures with crisper details. It gives you the satisfaction in taking photograph as Honor 8' s built-in ISP measures in-depth information accurately and ensures faster focus for the perfect depth- of-field shots.

Honor 8' s camera can perform extra well that other brand smartphone.  You even can shoot your favorite food clear, capture the best movement or even a clear , sharp and vivid pictures during night time.

If you are selfie Queen and Selfie King like me, Honor 8 definitely is a right choice. The front camera come with 8 megapixel that enable you to achieve superior selfies even in low light conditions. Turn into Korean celebrity with Perfect Selfie Mode.

Control Your Electronic Appliances with Smart Control 4.0

Yesssss.......Say goodbye to heavy and old fashion controller as Smart Control 4.0 will do the job.

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Now I can control numerous electronic appliances from TV to air-conditioner with one click on the Smart Control 4.0 . This feature support devices manufactured by over 5000 international brands and more than 230000 international models. Such a brilliant smartphone that you really want to own it immediately.

Play Your Pokemon Go without Losing Your Connection

Everyone is crazy about Pokemon Go and travel from one location to another location to catch their favorite Pokemon. But sometime your GPS lost it's signal will make you more " Kan Cheong" + frustrated.

With Honor 8, you will not facing this problem as it comes with double antennae whereby you can get the strongest communication signal .  Impressive right???? The best part, Huawei's international carrier database helps you connect to local networks faster and quicker during roaming. Imagine you can your rare Pokemon at Thailand, Japan, Korea using a strong reception/network. Yet Honor 8 also has smart dual-band WI-FI switching whereby you can prefer 2.4G or 5G.  

Best Smartphone Security System

Honor 8's 3D fingerprint will ensure your data/ information that store in your smartphone is safe. The fingerprint scanner acts as the phone first layer of security. Its enhanced fingerprint recognition security feature is attributed to  the level 4- fingerprints collection algorithm that collects 3D information of your fingerprint. I like the sensitivity of the fingerprint scanner as you can unlock your phone within 0.4 second.

Enjoy Watching " Oppa" With Biggest Screen 

Now I can watching my favorite Korean movie with Honor 8. It comes with 5.2-inch FHD display equipped with 96% high color gamut, color enhancement and dynamic pixel-level contrast adjustment technology that give me more satisfaction chasing the movies.

The best part, Honor 8 has eye-care mode function that filter the blue light and protect your eye. Enjoy you video , e-book or even games with Honor 8. 

Unbeatable Battery Life

I hate the feeling bring 2 or 3 power banks out due to the exhausted battery. With Honor 8, power bank is not required as it can last longer 10 hours' worth of offline video- playing. 3000mAH battery capacity supported by Smart 4.0 maximize its stand by time: 1.77 days for normal usage and 1.2 days for heavy usage. 

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Super fast charging up to 47% in 30 minutes. Honor 8 really beat other smartphones battery lifespan.

Eco-friendly Phone

I believe Honor 8 is No.1 smartphones that practice eco-friendly. Honor 8 is UL 110 compliant at Platinum level and meet industry-recognized sustainability standard. While its box is made of FSC-certified paper which is a testament to Honor's support for sustainable forest harvesting method. You will be shocked when you find out their packaging and manual are printed using- based ink.

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Gorgeous, Stylish and Elegant Design and Craftsmanship

Look at the design of Honor 8, you definitely will attract by it. Honor 8 on the strength and beauty of glass to produce a smooth, elegant and ergonomic design. The polished 15 layers craftsmanship and 3D  grating effect gives the phone a sophisticated finish, making it one of the kind. It really an eye opener to the world. The moment you hold on it, you will definitely love the feeling.

Honor 8 really move my heart and I don't want lose the changes to own it. Honor 8 also offer 3 months warranty for replacement of LCD crack (1 x FOC front or/ and rear panel replacement). Honor 8 is available in Lazada now. Click  here to shop! Honor 8 offer at Lazada Malaysia from RM 1699.

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