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Start Your Own Business With EasyStore

I have always wish to start up my own business and be my own boss. Apparently my main issue that stop me to pursue my dream is " Capital". My worries is over as I can pursue my dream to own my business. EasyStore is the right features to kickstart your business. EasyStore is an easy-to-use tool for sellers to create store and sell products online. Their vision is to lower down the barrier of business and guide as many as possible of people to start their first step to do online business.

EasyStore will provide you a simple guideline when you sign up . Or you you can ask for further assistance from EasyStore staff by click at the pop up conversation.

Selecting a niche is the most important thing to do as you need to know what is products or service that you would like to sell online. Once you have decided, start to add in your products by provide more information regarding the products that you wish to sell. 

Branding is important for a business. Design your own online store…

" My Skin, My Confidence " Campaign By Hiruscar Post Acne

I'm once in depression situation due to acne problem . Acne and acne scarring can hurt more than just your face. It affects people mentally and emotionally too. My back, neck and face were covered in spots. My back was hit worst, so I would always wear a shirt over strappy tops or high-backed tops. Acne really effect my self confidence as I feel embarrassed when people stare at me with a strange look. 
In Malaysia, acne affects over 85% of individuals aged 12 to 24. The Journal of Primary Healthcare reveals that the prevalence of facial acne is about 67.5% among adolescents in Malaysia with a rising trend of facial acne with increasing age. The study also indicates that acne is more common among male adolescents aged 13 to 18 with 71.1% boys and 64.6% girls. 
Thanks to Hiruscar Post Acne for organize a meaningful campaign to create awareness on the incidences acne scarring in Malaysia. Hiruscar Post Acne has invited 3 guest speakers to share regarding the campaign . Through this …

Fabulous Food Discovery 2016 : KopiClub @Sungei Wang

Sungei Wang location is smack in the center of Bukit Bintang has become attraction for tourist as well as local. Bustling more than 40 foods and beverages outlet in 1 roof, Sungei Wang Plaza offers you the top notch local and international cuisines. Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. Bring to you Fabulous Food Discovery 2016 that organize by Sungei Wang Plaza. Let's treasure for a good food in Sungei Wang. Thank you to Sungei Wang management for having us for the Fabulous Food Discovery 2016 and we make our first move to KopiClub.

We started our first foodieventure at KopiClub. This hidden germ located at concourse, Sungei Wang. KopiClub offers a very happy start to the day with their affordable set lunch/ set dinner. Start my morning with a glass of fresh Teh Ping that soothe my throat. If you a coffee person, give a try on their Kopi Api, Kopi SoyaCino and Kopi Ping.

A traditional decoration of KopiClub remind me of  80s kopitiam that my dad use to bring me. This …

Piggy Tail @Bangsar

Have you heard about " Sakura Pork" ? Piggy Tail served the real taste, pure , unadulterated pork that really can satisfied your stomach. Piggy Tail provide you with unparalleled  and all embracing food experience under a casual and convivial boutique dinning setting.

The new face-lift of Piggy Tail's menu gives customer a "wow" experience towards their food. No only Piggy tail serves variety of choices but their new additions include dishes driven by fresh, seasonal produce along with out own interpretations of traditional classics and comfort dishes. While for the house favorites menu features upgraded ingredients and improved recipes.

Signature Pork Corn (RM 17)

This is the best selling as Signature Pork corn . The deep fried Sakura pork chunks is really crunchy and juicy.

Watermelon Salad with Premium Pork (RM32)

A healthy combination whereby they use grill sliced premium pork shoulder with fresh watermelon, green salad, Rocket & home made Salad Sauce. It…

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Mini games : Protect the " Supernatural", make sure the boy is safe!!

He life is in danger now. The federal agents is hunting for the boy as they believe Alton might be a threat to National security. Alton has unpredictable supernatural power and he needs to kept out of the sun , or how he’s able to tune into police radio transmissions through his head, or cause a satellite to splinter and rain down to earth like a meteor shower, bombarding a petrol station out of nowhere.

Roy (Alton's dad) rescue his son from a religious cult in Texas go on a cross-country. Join me in the mini game by Grabies to protect the Supernatural and ensure the boy is safe.

Download Grabies from Google Play or App store and start to earn your GP by joining the Midnight special mini game. Refer to my previous write up to explore more regarding Grabies (

Flip 2 of cards and see whether you manage to save and protect Alton from the federal agents.

Yes I manage to accomplish my mission to ensure t…

Bites Bakery Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

I am a person that love bread so much but I can't that eat much as bread usually is filling. So every time I only buy two different flavor of bread. My worries is over as Bites Bakery Cafe serve super cute and small buns that allow customers to enjoy varieties type of buns.
Does this look interesting to you? The mini buns serve hot in dim sum style. Bites Bakery Cafe started operated in March 2016 and it able capture customers attention for their lovely mini buns. No only Bites Bakery famous for their mini buns but also the texture of the buns soft and this bun been serve fresh daily.

My favourite is Matcha Oyaki as you can taste the rich Matcha and it smell nice. I think I eat 3 to 4 Matcha Oyaki. Oppsss......

For Chocolate lover, a must try on their Oreo Oyaki, Chocolate Banana Oyaki or even Dark Chocolate Smiley buns.

Enjoy your chit chat session while having fun eating dim sum mini bun. You can other order 4 mini buns for RM 4.90 or 9 mini buns for RM 9.90.

Try on also their