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Althea Korea became a part of my life

My love for you keeps increasing every second I click on you. You make my heart beat so fast whenever I see this amazing offer in your website. Althea, you have become my prince as I have fall in love with you. Saranghaeyo Althea.  I like crazy woman keep looking at your amazing promotion and laugh by myself when my finger keep clicking at the item and add into shopping cart. 

WHY..WHY...WHY...I choose to shop with Althea ????

No.1 : I save a lot when shopping with Althea. 
Let's see what I have purchased from Althea and how much I have save.
1) [DaeBak] Egg Mousse Pack 1+1 2) Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam 3) Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strips 4) 3 Step Nose Pack Sheet 5) Pig Nose Clear Black Head Cleansing Sugar Scrub

Overall I save RM 97....I cann't believe it . A great deal from Althea and I enjoy shopping from Althea. No one can beat the best price that offer by Althea. 
No.2 The product is shipping from Korea
Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttt It really ship all the way from Korea to my…

Long Lasting Eyelash with SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara

Eyelash extension?? Use fake Eyelash?? No more worries as SkinSoul has the solution for it. Introduce to you SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara that give you impressive result in 2 weeks. Natural Volume Attack Mascara content Mulberry Root Extract and using Lash Curling Complex. 
Mulberry Root Extract used in traditional medicine for its ability to promote metabolism and stimulate hair growth due to high level of Vitamin C and antioxidant properties.
Lash Curling Complex works deeply into the roots of eyelashes which prolongs the curling effect after 1st application

You can see clearer result from other uses that consume Natural Volume Attack Mascara. All SkinSoul products are Paraben & Prstagladin Free.

Direction of Use:- 
Apply the mascara from the inner corner of your lashes and work outwards.Rotate the wand slightly in each section in order to deposit more mascara onto the lashes.Position the brush from the inner most area of las line and pull outwards and upwards.Repeat this…

Find your Dream Job : Mega Careers & Study Fair @ KLCC

Are you looking for your dream job? The opportunity has come as you get to explore Mega Careers & Study Fair , KLCC  on 22-23 August 2015. The admission is free and don't forget to bring your resume together. Pre Registration to beat the queue.  Remember print out your ticket and bring it with you. 

Grab a copy of Malaysia’s Salary Guide, 2015 / 2016 Edition This guide book will allow you to set the correct expectation and you will know what salary to request for based upon your current qualifications and experience.
Apply for job at the CareerBuilder Booth
Speak to the employer if you in keen to join the company. Do bring extra resume.

Special Talks at Social Media Hub
Do you have issues with your interview technique? Having trouble getting interviews due to a sub-par resume? Unsure of how to continue in your career? Head over to the Social Media Hub for talks dealing with all these iss…

Dramatic Transformation Within 1 hour with Skin Shield

I found another star product from SkinS oul that make me fall in love with it.  Skin Shield is an active skin renewal range that contains a fusion of biotechnically extracted actives that influences the structure and biological functioning of the skin. I found my skin dry, dull and oily due to unhealthy environment and Skin Shield is my savior. Skin Shield range uses only pure Swiss Glacier Water as the water base for all its product. Skin Shield is an all-natural skincare range formulated in Switzerland, whose heritage is world renowned for research and innovation in beauty and personal care. Skin Shield is make from pure organic Ashitaba and fusion of other precious botanical extracts with powerful benefits that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal . Skin Shield has triple protective shields: Damage- Shield, Sun- Shield and Micro- Shield. This range suitable for every age of all skin type. Thank you Skin Soul for the travelling Set. I always bring it with me in my bag. It did …

Skin Soul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes/Clinical Wipes

Skin Soul believe that skin has its own life force- its own soul - that radiates with natural beauty and youthful glow when properly nourished and taken care. Skin Soul philosophy : The Soul of Your Skin.  I going to introduce the start product from Skin Soul that I love so much. Skin soul Ultra Soft Towelettes is formulated with Swiss Glacier Water with 4 (Essential Oils) 4 (Antioxidant) 3 (Hydrating & Soothing Ingredients). I so the test on my hand and let you see the miracle of Skin Soul Ultra Soft Towelettes. I apply BB Cream, waterproof mascara and lip gloss on my hand. See how amazing Skin Soul Ultra Soft Towelettes remove the make up in a minute. I love how it help me to remove pore-clogging impurities without any irritation as this product is 100% free paraben. Is safe to our skin and it keep our skin moisture.

Do you know why Skin Soul Ultra Soft Towelettes is the best selling in the market?????It takes off everything in one swoop includes waterproof mascara and stubborn…

11street Satisfied My Shopping List

11street is like a heaven to me as I enjoy my shopping with 11street. 11street is an open marketplace operated by Celcom Planet Sdn Bhd .- a joint venture between Celcom Axiata Bhd. and SK Planet Ltd. 
11street gives you No.1 shopping experience whereby you can purchase anything from 11street with affordable price and amazing discount. What are you waiting for??????? Register now to become 11street member as you get to enjoy the special promotion, free credit, earn more points, discount coupon and more benefits.

Everyday I never miss to check 11street website on my mobile to view the great deal and discount coupon that they offer to customer.  
The reason why I love shopping with 11street:-
Shocking deal This portal brings jaw dropping deal from different brands as you get additional discounts on your purchase while enjoy your shopping with 11street. 

Convenient and save time Sometime it a hassle to do your shopping at shopping mall. You need to drive to the shopping mall, jam in the c…