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Giveaway: BloomThis Colour My Life with Beautiful Flower

I was so surprise when I saw this beautiful flower when I unwrap  from the brown box. It was presented by BloomThis during Bloging 101 workshop. I love the smell of the fresh flower and it brighten my day.  Glad to meet Penny Choo during the event and she is the founder for BloomThis .

Penny has the passion towards flower . BloomThis will ensure the flower that deliver to customer is fresh and good condition.

* This is the sweet lady that I mention in my blog. BloomThis usually will send this luxury fresh flowers in bespoke box every Thursday. It also comes together with a sweet message card. 

Have a look at their website at for their latest BloomThis Collection. Surprise your love one (Mother, Sister, your BFF )  with BloomThis flower to cheer them up.
Deng...Deng...Deng... You love to receive suprise from BLOOMTHIS? Is time for giveaway. Simple rules:-
Follow my Blog and click Join This Site that appear on my blogSubscript to BloomThis WebsiteProvide your name th…

Healthy Skin = Healthy You with ANDALOU

BMS Organics has introduce new skin care range call ANDALOU. During ANDALOU Skin Care mini workshop, Resha taught us how to understand our skin type . She has showed us the basic Face Mapping . It is important to know the basic face mapping as we can understand the cuses of spots & breakouts.
Face Maping

Zon 1 & 3 - Our Digestion due to late dinner, irregular sleeping pattern and eat too heavy food.Zon 2 - Reflect our Liver . Our nose area will congested if we take too much dairy products ( milk , cheese) or consume alcohol.Zon 4, 6, 8 , 10 - Our Kidney. It will congested if drink too much caffeine, sodium food or drink not enough water. It also will effect our eye area as it will be dry due to not enough blood circulation. Not healthy lifestyle like stress also will effect this zon area.Zon 5 & 9 - Reflect our Lung. If the person is heavy smoker or work under kitchen area will effect this zon area.Zon 7 - Reflect our Heart. Stress, emotional or consume too much chocolate wi…

Nexus Clinic - Beauty, Aesthetic & Wellness

Congratulation to Nexus Clinic for their opening. Nexus Clinic is the new aesthetic wing of Mediviron UOA. Nexus Clinic highly experienced medical aesthetic specialist doctors and trained medical staff, headed by Dr. Jazmine Ruth Yuvarani.

During Nexus Clinic sneak preview blogger party, the medical doctors explain some treament that available at Nexus including show us the live demo. One of the treatment that caught my attention is Zeltiq CoolSculpting. This is the latest and effective body contouring which is a liposuction alternative. It is FDA approved and non surgical body contouring procedures that uses controlled cooling to target unwanted fat deposits
Next session is the lucky draw and everybody been waiting for it. The lucky bloggers will receive free treatment (Injectable fillers worth RM2, 200) during the event. This treatment will be performanced by Nexus Clinic's medical doctors using safe, branded and credible fillers known as Juvederm's injectable dermal filler…

War between Life and Dengue

July 1, 2015 is the worst day for me as my body feel so weak and I have high fever (39 degree celsius). As usual I go to work that morning and  I thought I can stand the whole day in office. But  my body start shivering and I can feel the pain in my bone. I though my boss that I need to take medical leave and proceed to the clinic nearby my house. At the clinic, Doctor given me normal medication (Panadol) and asked me return to the clinic for check up on July 3, 2015 to see whether I diagnosed with Dengue.
On the second day, my fever still did not reduce and I feel so tired and restless. My boyfriend drove me  to SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Center) to do the blood test.  I become helpless when doctor confirmed I had Dengue . Doctor asked me to drink more water as my platelets count is 157 and it still manageable. Normal platelets count is around 150 - 400.  As usual, I have to return for blood test and my platelets start to drop. My platelets never increase at all after the blood test …