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The Heritage Trail by Kiehls

Kiehl's was founded as an old- world apothecary in the New York's East Village neighborhood. For more than 160 years, Kiehl's have served their customers the finest skin and hair care products made with the most advanced technologies and uniquely efficacious natural ingredients. So have you try Kiehl's product before? This month Kiehl's are celebrating Kiehl's & Malaysia's heritage! You actually can get the deluxe sample from Kiehl's by joining the contest at You have to complete the six journey in order for you to claim the maple. Click the start button and I hope you enjoy the game.

The moment you complete the 6 journeys, you required to submit your personal information. SMS will send to you for the collection of your sample . I got mine sample . Don't miss this exciting rewards from Kiehl's

Sharing is Caring and hope you guy enjoy it .

Review : Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Hurray, Laneige has launched Lip Sleeping mask and this is one of my favourite.  It helps to melting dead skin cells on the lip while sleeping . Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask help torenourish and rehydrate chapped lip.
What's so special about this product?
A berry mix – Content 4 types of berries provides the lips with rich vitamins and offers antioxidant effect for smooth, firm lips. It taste nice and my lip look pinkish after several application.Laneige Moisture Wrap – Help purify the damage and stress from frequent lip makeup. Deep moisture for soften lips
Easy to apply  as I just need to apply a thick layer of mask onto the lips and wipe off gently with tissue the next morning. After that I can apply any lip balm or lip gloss. Guess what....It comes with pink spatula to keep everything sanitary.
For more information, follow them on facebook or follow Laneige's Malaysia Instagaram @Laneigemy
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is available a…

Tiamo is all about being fashionable & comfortable!

Let's go shopping at Tiamo....Tiamo started in 2010 and is the first and the only brand that offer Designer Ballerina Flats and Pumps. Tiamo also offers great variety of fashion bags and shoes. Come and check up their latest collection at . 

Tiamo's latest collection is BFF (Basic, Fun and Feminine) and you can view online. Basically this collection is design  to suit uprising young executive. The bag is easy to mix and match with our daily working apparel as it come in variety color. With Tiamo philosophy, they provide you and your BFF unending selection of bags ranging form the basic everyday use to unending variety colors while showcasing the femininity of a woman.
Tiamo currently having sales in their website. Don't miss the sales and garb your favourite bag.

Wish to get the latest promotion or update from Tiamo?? Subscribe to their newsletter and  you will receive the latest update from Tiamo. Tiamo has special contest called " TIAMO BFF…

Zorage - Simple and Safe Way for Storage

I do feel dilemma sometime when seeing my messy and untidy room. I need more spacious to store my belonging.  What should I do with all my books, teddy bear and my clothes?

Thanks to Rebecca for introduce this website call Zorage. I wondering who is Zorage and how Zorage can help me? Zorage is storage company that provides affordable, secure and on-demand storage solutions to clean and unclutter your office or living space.

It safe to be store with Zorage as it offer insurance for our storage.  The coverage we offer is to guard your items against the unlikely event that items get lost, stolen, or damaged during storage or transportation.

3 simple steps to abridge and simplify the self-storage process at your place.

Step 1. Just with a few clicks, Zorage get the storage bins or boxes delivered to your doorstep.
Step 2. After packing your stuff, simply take a photo catalog and upload onto You can also create a list of belongings you have stored in the bins or b…