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Let's Grab My Bag and Flight to Taiwan

Hello Peep! Have anyone visit  Taiwan Travel Fair at One Utama happening on 25th - 29th March 2015? I very kiasu...I grab whatever brochure related Taiwan during the Travel Fair. See what I have with me.

Come On...Grab my backpack and flight to Taiwan and enjoy Lohas in Taiwan , the delicious food and shopping.
What Betty will do in Taiwan??? 
1) Cycling
LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) has become popular in Taiwan as they promote a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. One of my favourite activities is cycling. Let's go for cycling and enjoy the fresh environment in Taiwan. There are several place to recommend for cycling. One of the famous place for cycling is Taroko Gorge of Hualien. I want to challenge myself cycling from East Entrance Arch to Shakadang Trail,Eternal Spring Shrine , Yanzikou or Swallow Grotto, Jiuqudong or Tunnel of Nine Turns and ending at Tian Xiang. 

Maps of Scenic spot that can found along Taroko National Park

Now I can feel the sweating moment whil…


Eat, shop & go on two wheels in Taiwan! Before that grab the best travel deals at Taiwan Travel Fair

Whether you are considering a first or subsequent visits to Taiwan, there’s never a better time to tour the island than in 2015! Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL) is organising its first-ever Taiwan Travel Fair in Malaysia. With the theme of “Time to Enjoy Life”, it will be held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, where the public can get the best deals for Taiwan travel at this one-stop event from 25 to 29 March 2015.
With the first Taiwan Travel Fair, TTBKL hopes to present great value travel deals to Malaysian families. They have tied up with top Taiwanese and Malaysian travel agencies to offer a variety of exciting packages and the most attractive travel deals for all destinations in Taiwan. This also includes customised packages or tours specially-catered for Muslim visitors. 
For visitors of the fair who purchase any tour package from participating agents, they stand a…

A healthy lifestyle start with Ecoparadise

Have anyone try Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy at Ecoparadise????? This my first time visit Ecoparadise . I so excited as I been given opportunity to try  Hot bed Therapy. The Hot Bed Therapy can help to eliminate toxin in our body. Antioxidant not only can help to improve blood circulation but also can improve our body immune system. Hot bed Therapy also can improve your skin complexion. I love it so much. 
Ecoparadise has been recognized as The Best Antioxidant Body Treatment by Women's Weekly. The therapist will set the room temperature before we started our session. 
Ecoparadise  uses building material that infused withe enzyme to build sauna. It can provide antioxidant boost.

Is time for relaxing...Wuhoooooo

I have spend about 35 minutes in the Hotbed Therapy. I sweat a lot as I can't stand the hot temperature.  After the session, I feel so energetic and refresh after the session. I can feel my body become light and my mind more calm.

I  enjoy the session and it create a po…

Should We Chase Love or Leave It to Fate?

Should We Chase Love or Leave It to Fate? I prefer to leave it to fate. I had experienced chasing love before but end up my feeling been hurt. It's easy to love someone but will the person also love you as much as you love him. I keep tell myself to stop chasing love as he not worthy for me to love him. The bigger question is why in the world would you try and convince someone to be with you? 
I never give up of love but I choose leave it to the fate. I believe I can find someone that really love me for whom I am. God has read my prayer as I bump into him 3 years ago. Fate has bring us together. He is a humble and understanding guy that I have been looking for. Although our age gap is big but we believe we can work it out. I glad he has propose to me and we going to build our family soon.  
I believe all of us have a fair shared of fail relationship no matter it was puppy love. After several failure, I never believe in love at first sight or Love is blind. Leave it to the fate…

Sexy and Kissable Lip with Chu Lip

Early in the morning I wake up and open my email to check whether I receive invitation from Mamasan and BINGO ! I so happy as I going to meet this little Chu Lip .
The day has come and I was so excited when I reach Kare cafe , 1 Utama at 2.30pm with 3 other butterflies (Anis, Kak Ella and Meena). OMG, I cann't stop taking pictures of this little Chu Lip. They are so colourful and it remind me of the Easter Day. This is the most beautiful Chu Lip I ever meet and I love how it been decorate. 
Do you know what is " Chu" means???? Chu in Japanese mean kiss and is a famous product from Mentholatum.

The Sponsor is so generous whereby they give us a chance to decorate our own Chu Lip and guess what???? The prize for the best Chu Lip is Baby- G watch. Too bad , I not a creative artist as my Chu Lip look simple but I love it. I get the chance to hand on and learn how to create my Chu Lip with other 50 beautiful Butterflies including our Mamasan, Tammy.

Tadaaaa this is my little princ…