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Sexy Lip with Shizens Lip Tattoo

Shizens offers a wide range of cosmetic and skin care products that suitable for Asian woman.  I'm  glad that I get to try Shizens Lip Tattoo. Shizens Lip Tattoo is one of the best selling product. Do you wish to have sexy and kissable lip?  I believe every woman love to have kissable and sexy lips and so do I. You will not regret when you try on Shizens Lip Tattoo.
I have a dry and chapped lips. I always love to  peel off  the dry skin on my lip . Due to my bad habit, my lip getting darker and it bleed easily when I peel off. 

This is the picture taken 1 week ago and you can see my lip is so dry. The worst part you can see fine lines.Why not give a try on Shizens Lip Tattoo.
 As you can see below picture, Shizens Lip Tattoo is colourless . When I apply on my lip, it turn into rosy pink and it so miracle to me.  I love the texture and it moisture my lips. Shizens Lip Tattoo also stay longer on my lip even I drink water. It will not left any stain on my cloth.
After using the Lip Tatt…

My first Christmas dinner with Butterflies

When I receive invitation from Tammy Miu, I feel so happy as I get to join The Butterfly event and this is my first time. I feel privilege to join other butterflies for Christmas dinner at The Apartment. I choose "Yes" to secret Santa and I have prepare my present for the event. On 23 December 2014, I wear red colour jumpsuit with a headband . Do I look great on that day? Thank you for the sponsor (Garnier, Shizens, Maybelline and other sponsors)as we get to bring a lot of free gift to try at home. Look up at my post as I going to review regarding the products.

I am newbies on that day and of course I tak malu malu go and mingle around with other butterflies. I met new friends and also bump into some familiar faces. The most important to me was I get to met Tammy Miu in person. She look cute in her green colour hair. Awwwww... I admire her so much and she really friendly person.
I enjoy the food so much and thanks to The Apartment for preparing nice food to us and I enjoy t…

Christmas Cooking Class By Electrolux

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell...Jingle all the way. Do you love Christmas? If yes , you sure love to eat Turkey during Christmas. Today I going to share the recipes how to prepare a tasty Turkey during Christmas. Thanks to Electrolux for providing me the luxuries to learn how to prepare a Turkey. 

Below is the ingredient on how to prepare the turkey.

 After we have marinated the Turkey, we need to heat the oven at 180 degree Celsius. And chef also teach us how to make Mixed fruit pie. The process of making the pie is not easy as you need to ensure the dough is soft.

I enjoy my cooking class and we get to bring home our own chicken that we have prepare and also fruit pie. Do I mention Chicken???? Yes , we are using chicken to replace Turkey but chef is using Turkey to demo to us. Only our measurement for the ingredient need to cut into half as we using chicken in our cooking class.

Our Turkey is ready to be served. Yummy....Yummy. Drop me a comment if you need more tips and I will reply to…

Quiznos One Utama

Have you try Quiznos before? You will love it as Quiznos has the best sandwich and pizza. Now you can enjoy delicious and uniquely Quiznos' sauces and fillings on a thin, yummy, flat bread! The ingredient that they use is so fresh and the best part, the bread is crunchy as they toast the bread. Do you know what is Quiznos tagline ? MMMM... Toasty! They have variety of sandwich to choose . I love Mesquite chicken the most. You can try their Peppercorn steak sandwich , Tuna Sandwich, Classic Italian or The Traditional Sandwich. If you prefer a light meal, you might want to try their pizza.

Quiznos currently has two branches in Malaysia. You can either visit Quiznos, One Utama or Quiznos, Damansara Perdana.They has sepecial offer whereby their Quiznos Pizzas start at RM 6.90.

 Drop by Quiznos facebook for more information

Hug A Shark Day抱抱鲨鱼

Are you shark fin lover? Please stop eat shark fin and protect sharks from been killed. Let's show our support towards the event by joining Hug a Shark Day at Publika starting tomorrow until 14th December 2014.
Your support is must appreciate and let's protect shark been killed and say "No" to shark fins. 

The Real You by Wevents

I glad to be part of Wevents member and I love to join every single event/ workshop that organize by Wevents. The Real You was an interesting workshop whereby Bobbi Brown show us the right make up tips . I have volunteer myself to be the model of the day.
You can see before and after make up by Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown has the quote that impress me  " Be Pretty, Be Confident , Be who you are" . My make up artist for that day is Ms. Sandra and she has more that 15 years experience in Bobbi Brown. So impress with her patience towards her career in makeup.

 All of us enjoy the workshop and this workshop really valuable to me. I do enjoy the tea time that serve by Delicious at St. Mary Residence. I should what out my diet...opppps.

 Thank you Wevents for organize such a wonderful workshop for us and also the sponsor. For those that interested to join as a part of Wevents member, do follow or browse their  website at or…