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Take Your Screen Time Moments To The Next Level With The M&M's Screen Bite Awards

Anyone of you die hard fans of M&M's? I'm one of it and M&M's always my favourite chocolate. Good news as M&M's is calling all fans to show off their love for M&M's and their favourite screen time activity, with the first ever M&M's Screen Bite Awards 2017. These competition is being launched simultaneously in three countries - Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The winner gets to win a trip for two to Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan.

Watch out for the contest as it will start from 1-22 August, M&M's fans and Malaysian Consumers will be asked to share their fun " Screen" moments by submitting either a photo or a short 20-second video based on three categories. 

To participate in the M&M's Screen Bite Awards, consumers only need to follow 3 easy steps: From 1-22 August, Log on to the official M&M's Screen Bite Awards Website: www.screenbiteawards.comRegister and choose a category to upload your photo 0r 20…
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#AltheaTurn2 : More Surprise, More Giveaway & Great Deals Offer By Althea

Time flies fast as Althea celebrate 2nd Birthday this year. Happy Birthday to Althea. This year Althea surprise their fans with more surprise, more giveaway and great deals offer in Althea website.

Althea has brought happiness to every woman in the world since Althea started last year. Our dream to own the best K-beauty has become nearer since Althea come into our life. I was like a small kid jumping up when found my favourite K-beauty products in Althea.
Althea Birthday Sale

See what I have added on to my beauty haul. All of this awesome beauty/skincare products can be purchased on . Let's zoom closer to my products and all of this shipping directly from Korea. 

Etude House Sunprise Must Daily SPF 50+ PA+++

Shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Link:

W- Lab [No-More] Black Kill Pore Cleaner (20ml)

Say goodbye to stubborn black head

Wonde Ruci Light Light eye balm (20ml)

Lighten, moisture and brighten my eye area. Easy…

Defining Beauty With Healthy Beautiful Eyes By Wearing 1-Day Acuvue Define

Do you know eyes is the most sensitive organs in our body? Our eyes are equally important like how we take care of our skin. Our eyes can express so much more than words, and clear, healthy vision is simply priceless. Introduce 1-Day Acuvue Define contact lenses with LACREON Technology give the smart, discerning woman the best of two worlds.

Acuvue Define has been designed to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Wearing sunglasses can help to shield our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays but it can't prevent the UV rays that come from the side. 1-day Acuvue Define makes protection, comfort and safety a priority with several proprietary technologies:
Acuvue is the only contact lens brand that offers internationally recognised UV protection across its entire range of products. The UV- Blocking filters embedded into the lens help protect the eyes from up to 82% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays. No worries of the harmful UV rays as Acuvue provide a safe protection to our eyes.  Moisture-lo…

Food Review: Famous Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee Make A Return @ Damansara Utama

If you make a trip down to Damansara Utama, don't forget to try Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee. A 62  years old family recipe, Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee has won the dinner heart. Chan Fatt first opened in 1955 and run by the late Woon Poon and his wife Lee Yit Yee. The stall was run in Pudu for 41 years and closed in 1996 due to retire.The family recipes then handed to their daughter, Megan Wong, the current owner of Pudu Chan Fatt.

Chan Fatt Signature Dishes
Char Siew Wantan

A bowl of smooth wanton mee that garnish with juicy char siew to warm up your stomach. The noodle is springy but not too tough like rubber bands. To produce a good bowl of wanton mee is the sauce whereby it binds all the elements to create a balance of the ingredients.
Besides wanton mee, Pudu Chan Fatt does serve varieties of Chinese cuisine that we use to treasure in our childhood time. 
Curry Laksa

The blend of fresh coconut milk and spices makes the dish creamy and aromatic. I am still craving for their curry la…


I do believe we do encounter " bad hair" day right? Especially for does that has serious hair fall or dandruff. To a woman, our hair is our crown and it represents our personality/ image. Shining and healthy hair actually can boost up our confidence level. Anyone agree with my statement?

Safi Shayla is one of my favourite shampoo. In fact, SAFI Shayla is well known among women that wearing Hijab and it has been launched since  October 2013. SAFI Shayla contains 8 variant whereby it is formulated with Habbatus Sauda that gives our hair 1001 advantage to solve hair problem that facing by women that wearing hijab.

SAFI Shayla has been recognised in the market although it receives a hit competitive from other shampoo brands. SAFI Shayla has been awarded " Marketing Excellence Rewards 2015" and " Effie Awards 2016". For your information, SAFI Shayla has a full range of hair care products. SAFI Shayla believes it able to provide a solution for women that facin…

A Lavish Affair With Glorious Food At The X Bangsar @ Bangsar Baru KL

The evening was a lavish affair with glorious food and an endless supply of cocktails. The X Bangsar located at Bangsar Baru, Jalan Telawi has cemented its places as the spot where dinner come to congregate and landing a seat for a dinner and hang out. Modern artwork adorns its walls and warm lights hang low for more intimate and cosy setting.

When it comes to the nosh, the dishes are the main attraction. The portions are generously hearty and try the new taste of their chef creations.

Lobster Bisque
Warm your stomach with creamy lobster Bisque. Served with a charcoal bread stick. 

Citrus Smoked Duck
Plating up with a nice combination of colours, half of the hunger has been wiped off by this visual feast. Fresh smoked duck gives a refreshing moment when it garnishes with citrus sauce. Spread the parmesan cheese to add to the flavour. 

Spicy Uramaki
Sushi lovers, you might want to get your hand on this spicy Uramaki. Mind-bogglingly feeling the moment I stuck in my mouth. Forgive me for …